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In the just-concluded third round of La Liga, Atletico Madrid beat Granada 6-1 at home. The last time Atletico Madrid played in La Liga with a difference of 5 goals or more was Granada. October 2016 In the 8th round of La Liga on the 16th, Atletico Madrid slaughtered Granada 7-1 at home, creating the biggest difference in the history of the two sides. In this game, Suarez came off the bench in the 70th minute. In the limited 20 minutes, he scored 2 goals, sent 1 assist, and directly made 3 goals. In this way, Suarez played for the La Liga club. The number of goals scored has reached 200 goals. Isn't this the strong center Barcelona is struggling to seek?

在刚刚结束的西甲第三轮比赛中,马德里竞技主场6-1击败格拉纳达。马德里竞技上一次在西甲踢进5球或以上的球是格拉纳达。 2016年10月,在16日进行的第8轮西甲联赛中,马德里竞技队主场7-1屠杀了格拉纳达,这在双方历史上创造了最大的差异。在这场比赛中,苏亚雷斯在第70分钟替补出场。在有限的20分钟内,他攻入2球,送出1助攻,直接射入3球。这样,苏亚雷斯为西甲俱乐部效力。进球数已达到200球。这不是巴塞罗那正在努力寻找的强大中锋吗?

Suarez's Atletico Madrid debut was almost perfect. Just 2 minutes after the bench came on, he assisted Lent to score once. In the 85th minute, he scored the header of his career and scored the first goal of Atletico Madrid's career. He played again in the 93rd minute. In one city, he completed his first brace in Atletico Madrid's career. Suarez became the first player to represent Atletico Madrid to score twice in his first show since the 21st century. He is also the first player since the 21st century. Players who can contribute goals and assists in the first show. Even the new club’s competitor, Diego Costa, admitted in an interview after the game that he did not know why Barcelona would let Suarez go. Yes, Barcelona has been looking for a strong all-round forward for the past two seasons. But let’s look back at Suarez’s statistics last season. In 36 games, there were 21 goals and 11 assists, averaging 0.88 goals per game. Barcelona’s Lautaro Martinez’s data was 49 games, 21 goals and 5 assists per game. With 0.53 goals scored, when Barcelona is strong enough, even such a forward can be let go.

苏亚雷斯在马德里竞技的处子秀几乎完美。替补上场后仅2分钟,他就协助Lent得分了一次。在第85分钟,他攻入职业生涯的头球,攻入了马德里竞技职业生涯的第一个进球。他在第93分钟再次上场比赛。在一个城市里,他完成了马德里竞技职业生涯的第一个支撑。自21世纪以来,苏亚雷斯成为代表马德里竞技队首个入球两次的球员。他还是21世纪以来的第一位球员。可以贡献目标并协助首场比赛的球员。甚至新俱乐部的竞争对手迭戈·科斯塔都在赛后接受采访时承认,他不知道巴塞罗那为何会让苏亚雷斯走。是的,在过去的两个赛季中,巴塞罗那一直在寻找一个强大的全能前锋。但是,让我们回顾一下苏亚雷斯上赛季的统计数据。在36场比赛中,有21个进球和11个助攻,平均每场0.88个进球。巴塞罗那的劳塔罗·马丁内斯(Lautaro Martinez)的数据为49场比赛,21个进球和5次助攻。凭借0.53个进球,当巴塞罗那足够强大时,即使这样的前锋也可以放手。

Suarez scored 8.9 points after the game, second only to Correa and Felix, who played more than 70 minutes. If Suarez played the whole game, he is very likely to be the best player of the game. Suarez’s data within 20 minutes of playing off the bench are 16 touches, 4 shots, 2 shots on target, 1 hit to the post, 2 goals, and 1 assist. From the data, we can intuitively see that, Suarez is an extremely efficient striker, an average of 4 touches can make a shot, and this is what Atletico needs. The problem of Atletico's weakness has always existed. Morata's shooting ability is really unsatisfactory. In La Liga last season, Morata shot a total of 69 shots, of which 32 shots were within the goal frame, scoring a total of 13 goals , Including 2 penalty kicks, while Suarez has a total of 79 shots, 42 of which were within the range of the goal frame, scoring a total of 16 goals, including 1 penalty. It is not difficult to find through data comparison that Suarez’s shot The technique is significantly better.


Suarez’s strength is that he can complete the shot as soon as he touches the ball. His body flexibility is very good, just like his second goal, even when the center of gravity of the body has been tilted forward. Taking a shot, and after the ball was hit, he did not stand in place, but immediately moved forward to wait for the opportunity to make a fill shot. This kind of scoring ability in front of the goal, apart from the top forward, the editor really can't think of any words. Can be used to describe him. This kind of world-class superstar does not deserve to be a substitute in Barcelona. It is really unbelievable. After the goal, Su Ya made a familiar celebration, but it is a pity that he is no longer wearing red and blue. Jersey.


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